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Vikings vs Cardinals Preview : NFL Week 5

October 6, 2011 by Nick in Game Predictions
Watch out Vikings secondary, Larry Fitzgerald and company are coming! This weekend the Vikings will battle the 1-3 Arizona Cardinals in a game that will certainly test the Vikings secondary.   Frazier has committed to starting McNabb this week.  Any chance we will see a revamped offense compared to the past couple weeks?   How will our offensive line play?  Can we contain Fitzgerald and get constant pressure on Kolb?  These are just a few questions going into this weekends game.

The Vikings are at a breaking point in their season already.  If the Vikings slip to 0-5 you have to wonder where the motivation will come from to remain competitive for an additional 11 games.  With a loss to the Cardinals coaches jobs should be in jeapordy and serious thought towards switching QB’s will be in order.  These are all concerns assuming we can’t pull off a victory this Sunday.  The keys to a victory this weekend include:

  • Constant pressure on Kolb.  The Vikings did a fantastic job of knocking Stafford down continuously a couple weeks back.  They didn’t do such a great job against Cassel.  Pressure on the QB will be key to this victory.
  • Containing Fitzgerald.   The Vikings did a great job containing Calvin Johnson in the first half of the Vikings / Lions game but let him run loose in the second half.  If the Vikings get the pressure on Kolb then that will contain Fitzgerald.  If we give Kolb throwing time then he will carve up our secondary on Sunday.  Fitzgerald could be a dangerous weapon.  Let’s hope we learned from our Calvin Johnson mistakes and double team Fitzgerald all game long.
  • Make the Cardinals one-dimensional.   Beanie Wells scored 3 touchdowns last weekend and is definitely growing in his starting role.  It will be important that the Vikings stop the Cardinals from running the ball successfully.  Stopping the run makes the Cardinals one-dimensional which makes them more prone to making mistakes and desperation throws.

The Cardinals definitely have some play makers but this game can be the turning point for the Vikings season.  Getting a victory this Sunday will help increase morale going into next weeks game at Chicago.  A victory at Chicago will pump the Vikings up to get a victory against the undefeated Packers the following week!  SKOL VIKES!

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