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Antoine Winfield Doubtful For Cardinals Game.

October 7, 2011 by Nick in Player Injury Reports
The biggest concern the Vikings have other than their shaky offensive line play is the health and effectiveness of their defensive secondary.

Sporting news is reporting that Vikings CB Antoine Winfield is “doubtful at best” for the game this Sunday with a neck injury.  Winfield is a pro-bowl corner back and the defense will surely struggle if he indeed misses this game.   Winfield wouldn’t of likely covered pro-bowl Larry Fitzgerald but would have still contributed significantly to the passing game.  The biggest concern with having Winfield out is the fact that Asher Allen will have to get significant playing time.  Viking fans know that this is something to truly be worried about.  Losing Winfield would be also be a huge loss against the the Vikings run defense.

If Winfield is out Sunday watch for Kevin Kolb and company to test our secondary all day long.  It will make it even more important for our defense to consistently get pressure on Kolb.   The last thing we want to see is Kolb and Fitzgerald tearing apart our defense Sunday.   This surely will be more difficult to prevent if Winfield is out due to injury.

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