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Vikings WIN! 34-10 Over Arizona Cardinals

October 10, 2011 by Nick in After the Game
The Vikings have notched their first victory Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals.  Not only did they win but they did it in a convincing way.  Adrian Peterson looked phenomenal scoring 3 rushing touchdowns.   The Vikings were able to put up 28 points in the games first 12 minutes.   This stat isn’t uncommon this season but following through for a victory has been more than difficult for this team.  However, it only takes one to get the ball rolling!

The Vikings defense looked great even with Winfield out due to a neck injury.   The offensive line looked fantastic notching 4+ sacks and constantly getting pressure on Kolb.  In fact, Kolb has a miserable day not throwing for a single touchdown.  Instead, Kolb threw two interceptions and fumbled the ball.   Consistently getting pressure on Kolb minimized the damage Fitzgerald could do in his homecoming.   The defense simply played well.  I say well because we still play that horrible cover 2 prevent defense that any QB who gets 2 seconds could tear us apart.   It’s something that needs to be addressed as the season continues.

Let’s ride this momentum into Sunday nights game against the Chicago Bears! Two victories going into a home game against the Packers will be extremely exciting.  SKOL VIKES!

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