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Bernard Berrian To Be Apart Of Game Plan Against Bears

October 11, 2011 by Nick in PLAYER NEWS
I have intentionally not reported on any of Bernard Berrian incidents that have occurred over the past week.   I like many other fans don’t even want to acknowledge the guy.  Especially after I wrote this post openly giving him a second chance this season.  Unfortunately you can only do such when its an isolated incident.  With the Vikings making Berrian a healthy scratch against the Cardinals I feel that it’s important to report on the subject.

It was rumored that Berrian had missed not one but two team meetings and being benched for the game was his penalty.  Some fans and even analysts have questioned if this was a sign that Berrian would be cut from the team.   According to ESPN the Vikings plan on having him active this week against the Chicago Bears.   The one week benching will not be the end of Berrian’s tenure as a Viking.

However, if he continues to bring bad press to this team, mouths off about playing time/receptions and not cooperating in team meetings I don’t anticipate Berrian being around much longer.   Let’s hope Berrian will rebound big against his old team.  Not many Vikings fans are holding their breath but we can all hope right?  SKOL VIKES!

One Comment

  1. TonyOctober 14, 2011 at 2:16 am

    I hope “a part of game plan against bears” means sitting on the bench where he belongs.

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