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Brian Robison Fined $20,000 For Kicking Packer TJ Lang In Groin.

October 26, 2011 by Nick in PLAYER NEWS
Last Sunday Brian Robison did to a Packer which many Vikings fans would only dream of doing.  Kicking a player straight in the groin.  While Robison originally had his reasoning’s he publicly apologized to Packer T.J. Lang for the mishap.  After receiving the apology T.J. Lang later tweeted his acceptance of Robisons apology.

“”All joking aside I think @Brian_Robison is a heck of a player.. just caught up in the emotion of the game.. apology accepted.””

For Brian Robison’s actions Sunday the NFL will be fining him $20,000 dollars.  The fine certainly could have been a lot worse and is speculated to be lower due to Robison’s urgency to issue  a public apology.

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