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What Do The Vikings Do With CB Chris Cook?

November 1, 2011 by Nick in PLAYER NEWS
Two weeks ago Chris Cook was arrested for alleged domestic violence via strangulation.   Cook was forced to miss a huge division rival game against the Packers sitting in jail waiting for his Monday morning hearing.  Afterwords the Vikings informed him on an indefinite suspension without pay.  Last weeks victory against Carolina was without the help of Cook either.  At this point the Vikings need to make a decision.  Do you cut ties with the young second round prospect that has shown promise?  Or do you take the 2 games without pay as his punishment and let him back on the team?

Cook’s next court appearance isn’t scheduled until Nov. 22. But the Vikings might not wait that long to make a call on his future. Asked Monday if Cook could be released during the bye week, coach Leslie Frazier told reporters: “We’ve got a lot of things to talk about.”

Vikings fans, what do you think?  I personally hate bad eggs but we are so short at defensive backs I don’t think we can afford to simply cut him.  Let him go through the justice system and re-evaluate things after he has had time to prove that this will not be an annual occurrence.  Anyone can screw up once right?  Even if this is a BIG screw up!

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