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Vikings vs Packers Preview: NFL Week 10

November 12, 2011 by Nick in Game Predictions
The BYE week has come and gone and the Vikings are soaring after a strong win over the Panthers.  With lots of Packer talk of a 19-0 season the Vikings and their fans would like nothing more then to ruin this dream.

Monday night the Vikings will be playing at Green Bay on national television.  History states that the Vikings struggle on national television – look at the Bears game.  I have a strong feeling this game will be different.  Many teams have already written off the Vikings and people have already forgotten how close the Vikings came to pulling off a victory over the pack just a few weeks ago.

Christian Ponder seems to only get better every NFL start he receives.  Vikings fans have got to be excited to see him further progress.  If the Vikings can be reassured that Ponder is their guy for the next generation then this season will not be a failure in our eyes.  With Ponder’s ability to not only accurately throw the ball but to also run it as well you never know what kind of plays he will be able to pull off.

Ponder also has a weapon in the backfield that no other team has in Adrian Peterson.  Peterson is continuing to have a great season despite the Vikings record.  As long as Peterson is in the game defenses absolutely have to game plan around him which ultimately gives Ponder the edge.   What we really need this Monday night is for a receiver to really step up.  Michael Jenkins has looked pretty good and fans are always hoping that Frazier and the coaching staff will utilize Harvin to his full potential.  I also see the potential for a big game for either Shiancoe or Rudolph or even possibly both of them.  Both are big physical targets that are sure to give the Green Bay defense fits.

This game will be a lot closer then any analyst will give us.  Don’t be surprised when the Vikings pull off an upset!

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