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Vikings Get Embarrassed 45-7 Against Packers

November 15, 2011 by Nick in After the Game
I think a lot of Vikings fans knew what type of game the Vikings were going into last night.  However, I’m absolutely embarrassed by the performance the team put together.  In fact I’m even more embarrassed to tell you that I turned the game off with 7 minutes left in the fourth quarter because I valued my sleep for the next day of work.   Shame on me and shame on the Vikings.

The Vikings unfortunately were extremely lucky to even get 7 points on the board after a muffed punt put the Viking on the 14 yard line.  We all know Adrian Peterson is good for several yards even with several cheese heads dragging at his feet.  This although was the only bright spot the entire game… if you even want to call it a bright spot.

The Vikings were simply embarrassed last night.  I don’t think any players looked exceptionally good including Peterson and Ponder.  I continue to mention that this season in my opinion won’t be lost if we can continue to see progression from Ponder game to game.  Pair this up with ending the season with a healthy team I think a lot of us will be extremely excited for the team we can put together in the off season.  Regardless of our level of play this year I believe were only a couple playmakers short of being an extremely competitive team.  Pick up or draft a few O-lineman, solve our secondary issue and give us one more big play receiver and we’re good.

Let’s chalk this one up in the record books and look forward to next weekends game against the Raiders at home! SKOL VIKES!

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