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Vikings Lose Again. This Time To The Raiders 27-21

November 21, 2011 by Nick in After the Game
A lot of us after the game felt like this little girl crying about the Vikings ‘always losing’.   An ugly game yesterday resulted in a 27-21 loss to an injury plagued Raiders team.  The Vikings offensive line has more holes in it then a slice of Swiss cheese.  Christian Ponder made some plays but overall didn’t have a very good game.  Blame it on the o-lineman or the receivers who consistently dropped good passes.  To top it all off Adrian Peterson was injured early on in the game.  Fortunately initial news is that its “just” a ankle sprain and that no bones were broken.  More news on Peterson’s injury should be available sometime Monday.

With 8 losses this season you start to wonder if firing any of the coaching staff becomes a legitimate option?  I’m not exactly happy with Frazier but I do believe he deserves to roll over into the next season.  He is after all taking over a team that was ruined by Childress.

6 more games this season.  I think its pretty fair to assume the playoffs are out of the picture as an 8-8 record will not do it.  A positive end of this season would involve Christian Ponder continuing to progress and to see a couple players set themselves apart from the pack.   What do you want to see from the Vikings the remaining of the season?


  1. BigBoaNovember 21, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    The mighty Boa has been a Vikings fan for over 40 years. Living in the detroit area, there is a natural hatred for the lions. This year is absolutely ghastly. Most friend have had NO interest in the NFL for years. Naturally, THIS year, they’re suddenly all big lion fans. Every week the phone calls come. “Oh, that’s right. YOUR team lost again.” When the Vikings were completely dominant over the lions, they never knew anything about losing again because of course, they didn’t “watch football”. How absolutely unfitting that now they will quite likely celebrate a SB victory after being fans for a year, while the mighty Boa, after more than 40 years of being a fan, can still be waiting.

    Frazier should be gone. The mighty Boa was not happy with this selection from the very start, especially after learning he was in charge of the defense that had already shown a propensity towards blowing leads. It shows. This team, for the last couple of decades, has always leaned towards being satisfied with mediocrity and now it is worse than ever. Perhaps they feel that having Peterson will keep the stands mostly full. Who knows? But there need to be some major changes made.

    • NickNovember 21, 2011 at 4:15 pmAuthor

      Thanks BigBoa for commenting. I think a lot of things are up in the air this right now. It will be an extremely interesting off season. Will we be getting a new stadium? If not will that play a role in our FA acquisitions and draft process? How safe is Frazier really?

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