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Adrian Peterson Will Play Sunday Against Saints

December 17, 2011 by Nick in Game Predictions

Reports have come out stating that Adrian Peterson will be playing this weekend.  While Frazier has said upfront he doesn’t know how many carries A.P. will get I imagine it will be hard to get him off the field if he feels up to it.  I don’t have an exact quote but Peterson mentioned (Jokingly) that he felt pressured to play for all his fantasy football owners.  He noted that he gets criticized online via his Twitter account.

Adrian Peterson has been participating in a limited basis this week during practice and is expected to start this weekend when the Saints come to town.  This will be the first game against the Saints in which the game will be in Minnesota.  Unfortunately this team is a shell of what it use to be when that dreaded game in 2009 occurred.  It’s still a game i’m sure Peterson is more then eager to partake in.

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