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Vikings Lose To Saints 2-12 Now

December 19, 2011 by Nick in After the Game

Lucky for the Vikings they only have two more games this season.  Christian Ponder continues to just get murdered behind our offensive line.  At this point I can’t tell you what our biggest need is between the o-line or our defensive secondary.  I sure hope the Vikes have a good off season partaking in free agency and the draft.  As fans we can only hope that the turmoil of getting a new stadium will not keep the Vikings purse strings tight this off season.

I don’t think many people gave us a shot against the Saints.  Let’s face it, Brees is playing phenomenally this season and he continued to show how good he was against us yesterday.  Unfortunately it looked so obvious that only a few players on this team came out to seriously play the game.  Watching Jared Allen give it 100% every snap continuously made other defensive players look bad.  To add salt to the wound Allen was taken out of the game when he is vigorously attempting to break the sack record this season.   With the Colts getting their first win and the Rams still sitting at 2 wins it looks like the Vikings are at a lock for the #3 draft pick as of yesterday.  Obviously this can change any Sunday but unless something changes I think the Vikings absolutely have to draft Offensive tackle Matt Kilil

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