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5 Reasons Christian Ponder Can Lead the Vikings to the Superbowl.

September 18, 2012 by Kate Potter in ANALYSIS

Whether it’s a matter of disinterest or misinformation, I feel like Christian Ponder doesn’t get his due respect. I’d like to lead the charge on the Christian Ponder bandwagon that I think will be developing within the next 1-2 years. Let’s consider the facts here:

1. AP. This one is a given, but when you have superhuman RB Adrian Peterson on your team, a green or subpar quarterback shouldn’t hold you back. Consider some similar Superbowl bound dynamic duos of the past including Big Ben and Jerome Bettis or Trent Dilfer and Jamal Lewis. A great running back can give an inexperienced or lower quality quarterback an invaluable crutch.

2. He can beef up. Look at similarly dismissed QB Mark Sanchez of the Jets. Over this offseason he’s put on over 15 pounds of muscle and it shows with that extra zip in his throw. Sanchez is in his 4th year and is looking like the pro he was heralded as when signed. Christian Ponder already has a big arm and definitely has the stature to allow for some bulking up.

3. He won’t be tested much this year. I don’t know if this is a plus or a minus but if you look at Ponder’s regular season schedule, he’s got very few difficult tests ahead of him. Next week’s match against the 49ers will be one of the more interesting showings of his progression. On the plus side, confidence is huge and a fairly easy schedule might be a great ego boost for the QB.

4. He’s smart. Technique can be practiced and mastered but as defensive schemes get more complex and confusing, having a clever QB behind the line can only help your team in coming years. In case you’re wondering, I’m also a believer in Ryan Fitzpatrick.

5. He’s stepped up. I think it’s crazy how quickly rookie QBs are pushed into the spotlight, considering the success rate of QBs who have had time to watch and learn from the sidelines (cough Aaron Rodgers cough), but it’s definitely a telling sign of a player’s character when he can step up right away. While he hasn’t won the hearts of the nation yet, I think he’s done admirably compared to QBs in similar situations – Colt McCoy, Blaine Gabbert, and Matt Moore. I mean hey, at least he still has his job.

So there you have it, that’s why I say Christian Ponder is your best bet to lead the Vikings to a Superbowl season this year. Well, maybe not lead, but jog quickly behind Adrian Peterson as he leads the purple and gold to victory. What do you guys think, are you a believer or are your fingers crossed for Joe Webb to get the nod this season?

Kate Potter is an amateur football analyst and a semi-pro fantasy football player. She freelances for several sports websites and helps manage NFL Betting Lines Guide, a unique betting experience which compares all the betting lines for the top sports gambling sites and offers betters a look at the best line available.

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  1. ffl insiderSeptember 18, 2012 at 9:17 pm

    C-Pond will not lead the Vikings to the SuperBowl because he’s what they needed 4 years ago not what they need today. Yes, he can manage a ball game. Yes, he doesn’t make mistakes. Yes, he’s a leader on the field and off. But for those reasons he’s the “play it safe” option which isn’t what they Vikings need now. They need a gunslinger. Someone with a cannon for an arm. Someone with an attitude. Look at the top QB’s who make their teams better. They aren’t guys who are nice and afraid to make mistakes. They’re passionate. They get pissed. They push themselves and their teams because they have the talent and they know it. Forget about the “Trent Dilfer” approach to winning the superbowl. You need an elite defense and a strong running attack to make that work and those two attributes aptly apply the Vikings of 4 years ago. Not today.

  2. bukneked wisconsin galSeptember 20, 2012 at 3:27 pm

    Like Ponder as a systems quarterback. He is efficient. I would say his upside is in the neighborhood of Neil O’Donnell or Tommy Kramer.

  3. JimmySeptember 20, 2012 at 3:37 pm

    Your reasoning is solid. I think one thing that will definitely help him is having Jerome Simpson back in Week 4. Teams are keying in on Harvin and we don’t have another receiver to take the heat off him and stretch the field. Once Simpson joins the lineup, the offense will kick it up a level or two.

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