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Vikings hope to build off Signature Upset

September 29, 2012 by Bill Seng in ANALYSIS, FEATURED

As far as upsets go, the Vikings have scored a few in recent memory. In the terrible 2010 season, Joe Webb and the undermanned Vikings came into Philadelphia and provided a blueprint that teams still use to disrupt Michael Vick.

In 2011, The Vikings scored another NFC East upset, albeit, not as impressive. Again being undermanned and lead by Joe Webb, the Vikings got themselves ouf of the RGIII sweepstakes by beating the tanking Redskins. Anytime your starting quarterback is Rex Grossman, you are in tanking mode.

Upsets generally become one-offs on success, nothing that gets build on. Remember what happened after Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson? The Vikings have not been able to sustain success after each of those two “nice” wins. This time around the Vikings scored their upset win in week 3, not at the backend of the season, when veterans are usually checking out. What makes the win over the San Francisco more encouraging is the Vikings young players contributed the most. Kyle Rudolph looked like a stud tight end around the red zone. Christian Ponder was also on the same wave length as Percy Harvin. This is his 4th season in the league, and despite only being 24, he is proving to become the best possession receiver the Vikings have had since Cris Carter.

This is especially a big game for the team’s young head coach, Leslie Frazier. He is 0-7 against the division and his head coach of a time who has lost 11 straight against division foes. The Lions are looking wobbly and ever so unstable. If the Vikings can maintain composure and steal a win in Ford Field, both Frazier and the young Vikings will start to make a case that there is sustaining progress that is happening.

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