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Ponder This, Vikings QB #1 Trend in Fantasy Football Right Now!

October 10, 2012 by Lipstein in After the Game

What a difference playing the game makes. That’s what I think about when harkening back to pre-season and reading all the Fantasy Football pundits wax on about how much “stronger” (pudgier) Mathew Stafford looks this year or what a better attitude (now that he has someone to throw to) Jay Cutler is displaying. Heck, they pretty much handed Aaron Rodgers the Super Bowl MVP title along with a “must draft #1” in almost every league format.

I have to admit, Christian Ponder went undrafted in all of my Fantasy Leagues. And why not? He had no deep threat and wouldn’t until WR Jerome Simpson finished his 3 game suspension, AP was coming off of a major knee reconstruction surgery and Percy Harvin was making mysterious comments about leaving the team due to contract issues – oh, never mind. Through it all head coach Leslie Frazier kept beating the “parity” drum and he was right. On any given Sunday one NFL team can beat another because most teams are evenly matched. And that’s why they play the games and why pre-season still means nothing and regular season sets the record, and pundits, straight.

What also sets the record straight are facts, in this case measurable numbers that show Vikings QB Christian Ponder is the #1 trending Quarterback in fantasy leagues. His stats don’t lie and are the main reason why he’s proven all the prognosticators wrong about the Vikings and himself. Chew on these Fantasy Freaks:

Christian Ponder Stats Through 5 Regular Season Games
109 Completions
1,082 Yards
6 TD’s
2 Ints
95.5 Passer Rating

The passer rating alone puts Ponder in the Top 10 of all NFL QB’s just behind Mr. Rodgers. This, compared with Cutler’s 78.7 rating and 7 TD’s or Stafford’s 81.6 rating and just 3 TD’s shows that Ponder is not only successful in all categories compared to his NFC North peers but he’s uber-efficient which helps his team win games.

Now Fantasy Football junkies aren’t dumb and they are seeing the stats too which is why when I checked today and yesterday Ponder was the #1 trending QB in fantasy league activity with 7,815 owners picking him up and another 62 of them trading for him. Even though he’s got a ton of activity he’s still not owned in 70% of leagues which means he’s probably still available in your league (if you’re into that sort of thing). Yes, getting Fantasy Football cred can sometimes take a long time. In fact losing it takes a while too. Stafford is still owned in 99% of leagues and his power rankings for week 6 still have him above Ponder even though his track record suggest he’s bench-able and Ponder is a solid start.

Whatever Fantasy Footballers decide to do doesn’t really matter much to us because as Vikings fans we get to watch him win week in and week out. With Simpson getting up to speed with the offense, Percy and AP on fire and the entire Defense and Special Teams playing to their potential I’ve got to say Coach Frazier has them firing on all cylinders right now and the sky’s (or the dome in this case) is the limit!

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