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New Stadium Design Revealed…Yes, There’s No Retractable Roof But That’s Good

May 17, 2013 by Lipstein in NEW STADIUM
Images of the design for the new Vikings stadium were released Monday by the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority (MSFA) and HKS Sports & Entertainment Group.

The multi-purpose stadium will cost close to a billion dollars ($975M) to build and now the design proposal will be submitted to the City of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Stadium Implementation Committee for their review. Had the stadium included a retractable roof it likely would have exceeded the billion dollar mark by as much as $25M according to some estimates.

Despite the lack of a retractable roof the new stadium is a stunning visual statement with amazing sweeping structures and will boast the largest transparent roof in the world made of¬†ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) . Doors facing the Minneapolis skyline will open to enhance the live experience. Bryan Trubey of HKS Sports & Entertainment Group said the design reflects Minnesota’s international style and the interior of stadium will feature the most advanced digital technology.

By designing a multi-purpose closed roof stadium with a see through ceiling designers at HKS allow fans to have the sense they are outside but without the downside of actually being outside (such as rain, sleet, heat and snow which you can experience all in the same day). The big question in my mind is can ethylene tetrafluoroethylene withstand the pressure and weight of a good Minnesota snow storm? We can only hope because another repeat of the collapsed dome is too much to handle:

Besides being a perfect venue for football the new stadium will be able to accommodate other sport and non-sporting events such as NCAA Basketball Tourney. Construction will start this Fall with the stadium scheduled to be complete in time for the 2016 season. The new 65,000-seat stadium will replace the Metrodome but will sit on pretty much the same location which means the Dome will need to be demolished in early 2014.

You can check out the new design on the Vikings website:

Some fans have complained about not having a retractable roof so that the team can get back to its roots by playing in the elements like they did in the old Metropolitan stadium in Bloomington. Yes the Met stadium as we used to call it was cool and all but I remember going to Twins games and Kicks games as well as open air concerts and it was always a gamble with the weather.

Since football season extends into winter, especially if the team is making the playoffs having the roof open in inclement weather doesn’t make much sense for the fan. If the weather is nice yes it would be great to have the roof open but if it’s not then the roof should be closed and that would defeat the purpose of playing in harsh weather.

So I think that the retractable roof would have been fun but it would never had lead up to the idea that the team would play in really crappy weather. If that would have been the point then why have a roof at all? I think, for the price fans pay for a ticket these days, being comfortable and able to enjoy the game and not worry being rained on or snowed or sleeted on.

What do you think of the new, non-retractable, Vikings stadium design? Love it? Hate it? Post your comments below.


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