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Burnsie, Beloved Personality – Underrated Coach

November 14, 2014 by Bill Seng in Back In The Day, COACHING, FEATURED

The Vikings head coach for the latter part of the 80s was an underrated offensive mind. 49ers hall of fame coach, Bill Walsh, even credited Jerry Burns influence for his famed West Coast offense. Burns had a good offensive team, but couldn’t find a steady hand at quarterback where the Vikings alternated from Tommy Kramer to Wade Wilson and then to Rich Gannon. The Vikings defense, under Floyd Peters would consistently rank in the top ten in total defense and sacks. Unfortunately for Burns, the Vikings played in the golden era of the 49ers dynasty. Twice they were stopped by the Bill Walsh led team in the divisional playoffs. Both times, the 49ers went on to win the Super Bowl. Burnsie was a solid and underrated head coach. The Vikings were fortunate to have him as a successful bridge from the Bud Grant era to the Dennis Green era.

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