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After the Game

Little Girl Shares Vikings Fan Frustration Over Green Bay Loss

While most of us were able to keep the tears back I think a lot of us would have preferred to have the exact same reaction to the game as..

November 18, 2011

Vikings Get Embarrassed 45-7 Against Packers

I think a lot of Vikings fans knew what type of game the Vikings were going into last night.  However, I’m absolutely embarrassed by..

November 15, 2011

Vikings Get 2nd Win Against Panthers 24-21

The Vikings did it! They secured their second victory of the season today against the Panthers.  Granted the game probably should have..

October 31, 2011

Vikings Punt Away The Game Against Packers 27-33

I can’t even begin to share with you both my frustration and excitement that I had with this game.  Christian Ponder making his..

October 24, 2011

Vikings Lose To Bears 10-39

This game was ugly. I can’t say it any other way then that.  It’s games like this where you really wonder what the team did..

October 17, 2011

Vikings WIN! 34-10 Over Arizona Cardinals

The Vikings have notched their first victory Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals.  Not only did they win but they did it in a convincing..

October 10, 2011

Vikings Lose To Chiefs Now 0-4

I’m sitting here absolutely puzzled as the Vikings have been handed their fourth consecutive loss this season.  The battle of 0-3..

October 2, 2011

Vikings Lose To Lions In Overtime

This is starting to get irritating.  The Vikings blow a 20 – 0 lead to the Lions to start this season 0-3.  Seriously WTF? This..

September 26, 2011

The Aftermath Of The Vikings / Bucs Loss

I very briefly touched on this game yesterday and did the best given that I was throwing a temper tantrum equivalent to a young child being..

September 19, 2011

Despite 17-0 Lead at Half The Vikings Lose To Bucs.

All I want to type right now are words that need to be censored.  The Vikings lose to the bucs after a 17-0 lead at half time. Yeah…..

September 18, 2011
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