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After the Game

Despite 17-0 Lead at Half The Vikings Lose To Bucs.

All I want to type right now are words that need to be censored.  The Vikings lose to the bucs after a 17-0 lead at half time. Yeah…..

September 18, 2011

39 Yards Passing and More Off Sides Penalties Then I Can Count

This photo to the left of this text is from the game where Adrian Peterson set a record setting 296 yards rushing against the San Diego..

September 12, 2011

Vikings Lose A Nailbiter Against The Cowboys: Preseason Game 3

Despite a pretty good outing by McNabb and the starting offense the Vikings special teams really let them down tonight.  First a blocked..

August 28, 2011

Frazier Gets First Win. Vikings 17 Redskins 13

The Minnesota Vikings defeated the Redskins 17-13 giving Leslie Frazier his first victory of the season.   Unfortunately this victory..

November 28, 2010

Vikings Finally Fire Childress

The Vikings have finally and officially fired Brad Childress this morning.   The Wilfs and Vikings have appointed defensive coordinator ..

November 22, 2010

Vikings Get Embarrassed At Home 31-3

The Minnesota Vikings not only were defeated by the Green Bay Packers but they were embarrassed in their own home.  An exciting three..

November 21, 2010

Bad decisions, calls and injuries contribute to another Vikings loss.

3 interceptions, a missed field goal, ineffective play calling and botched int calls on behalf of the refs.  Not one of these in..

November 14, 2010
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